What Are Cataracts?

What is a cataract?

Cataracts New YorkMany patients think that a cataract is actually a film that spreads over the surface of the eye. Some patients are even concerned that cataracts will make them go blind. In reality a cataract is a natural occurring change in the eye that is a gradual clouding that makes vision less sharp over time. Patients typically report the sensation of looking through wax paper, they often have trouble driving at night and colors seems very dull. As you already know the eye works much like a camera and like a camera the lens must be very clear to see well. A healthy transparent lens absorbs light and accurately focuses it onto the retina, providing a crisp clear image. As the aging process takes hold of our eyes proteins begin to clump together forming opaque clusters. Over time these protein deposits eventually cloud the entire lens allowing significantly less less to pass through. The small amount of light that does make it through is diffused or scattered leaving vision defocused. These protein clusters can also change the color of the normal clear lens making it a yellowish brown color.